Ndohivyo school for the special need students of Samburu area of Kenya, Africa got its start in February, 1999 with the enrollment of 12 students.  It has grown to a current enrollment of 56 registered students, 24 of which have not been attending because of lack of funds.  In 2004, a Netherlands-based organization called Child Horizon provided the funding for boarding facilities for 30 boys and 24 girls.   The handicapping conditions of these students are quite varied in nature and severity, which include microcephally, Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, speech impairment, epilepsy, and brain injury.  Until January of 2010, there were 3 employed special needs teachers in the school, but this will increase to 5 this year to meet the needs of  increased enrollment of students.

  My name is Bill Self.  In November of 2009  I had the opportunity to travel with Brent Hayes, director of Kenya Keys.   It was during this time that I had the opportunity to personally visit the Ndohivyo  school in hopes of finding a way I could help this unique and very needy school. After spending just two full days at the school with the students and staff,  the experience had a life-altering impact on my life. It is very difficult to find the words to describe  the life-changing and profound  experience one has in visiting this school for the first time and watching these kids struggle to get a good education to prepare them for the future.  I was able to see first hand the sweetness and innocence of these special children.  Even though I have a son with Downs Syndrome and have worked with persons with disabilities my entire career, I had never felt anything quite like I felt being with these children and their dedicated, loving teachers and care takers.  The hardships they face are unimaginable to us from the developed world!

It has inspired me to devote my time to organizing a group of friends and neighbors to implement a fund raising program to help meet the needs of this school and the students who attend.  In just the three months since I returned from Kenya, our group has already met several times and raised sufficient funds to ensure that every special needs student in the Ndohivyo school district will attend school during 2010.  The 24 students that have been unable to attend due to extreme poverty, will now be able to start school.  It will also make possible the hiring of more staff to meet the needs of this growth.  Not only will this significantly change the lives of these kids, their families and the community, it will forever change the lives of those of us who are now working diligently to ensure that the program will be viable in the future.  We have been immeasurably blessed by the opportunity we’ve had to connect with these beautiful children across the world.




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