Kenya Keys bridges two cultures, becoming the catalyst for educational and leadership development where opportunities are untapped and potential abounds.


Kenya Keys builds a bridge across the world to offer educational opportunities where there are none. Rural Africans long for a chance to overcome the abject poverty that has held them hostage for generations. Since 2005 Kenya Keys has provided ways for caring Americans to actively engage with rural Kenyans to provide countless educational opportunities. No handouts. No imposed solutions. Education becomes the greatest weapon against hopelessness, the greatest genesis for change and growth. See how to join us in this exciting process.




Volunteers for a better world

  • Kenya Keys is run exclusively by deeply committed volunteers
  • No salaries to pay, no office overhead to meet
  • 100% of your donation goes to the cause

   Learn about our exciting new Global Classroom Program.


A grassroots organization,
making a difference


Hallmarks of our belief

Education is the most important weapon against the ravages of poverty.

Volunteerism is critical to success. An organization run by volunteers remains vital, dynamic and free of corruption. It also connects people as global citizens in a meaningful way.

Cultural exchange and exposure is vitally enriching for Americans as well as Africans.

There should be no giving of things that run out or wear out. Such giving only increases dependency, invites discontent and isolates the givers from the receivers. We provide opportunity, not handouts.

All critical decisions should be made by local people, giving them vital ownership and accountability, as well as the opportunity to develop critical leadership skills. Africans have the ability within themselves to solve their deep seated problems. We just facilitate a supporting framework.

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