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Each one of the Kenya Keys projects is very cautiously selected and very carefully followed. With the needs in Kenya being so vast and far reaching, it is difficult to determine which projects should come first. Our projects are education based and selected on the following considerations:

  1. Most urgent need determined by our Kenyan Board of Directors. Whether it’s the need for a new school, latrines, scholarships, or aid to a micro business, no one knows the needs more than the people that live with the needs. Projects are determined and run from the ground up, developing a strong sense of accountability and ownership.
  2. How can donors get “the biggest bang for the buck”? What project will be able to benefit the most people for the dollar spent? What will the long term benefits be? What needs to be considered in terms of maintenance and follow up?
  3. What controls have been put in to place to “follow the money”? This is a very important piece. It must be very clear up front what the budget for the project is and how monies will be allocated and accounted for.
  4. Will the beneficiaries be able to meet the 10% commitment? – As with every project Kenya Keys undertakes, the recipients sign a Partnership Agreement and agree to pay 10% or more of the costs.  This seems impossible to apply in such an impoverished area, but it is critical to insure a sense of partnership, pride and accountability. Quite often this is contribution of labor.

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"Investment in girls education may be the highest return investment in the developing world."

Lawrence Summers - Chief Executive , World Bank


The girls of rural Kenya  face a stunning number of challenges as they attend high school, yet they remain determined and hopeful that education will bring a better life for them and their future families.  As in much of the developing world, there is conflict going on right now between those that want these girls to remain beasts of burden, and those that promote the enlightenment that education brings.  We stand behind these girls and the local leadership that supports the growing number of them that hunger for education.  They walk miles and miles to school.  They are young and vulnerable and are often preyed on by men and boys.  They even face attacks by wild animals.  They try their best to study by dim kerosene lights.  They deal with the added burden of menstruation where water is scarce and sanitary products are unheard of. 

 study by dim light  flora attacked by elephant   public latrine

  Miriam studying by dim kerosene light       Flora - scarred from elephant attack                public pit latrine

Many of the girls live in squalid quarters, away from their families, where they can remain close to school.   

aparment amidst squalorThey have to share a common latrine with other people in the area and they can only get clean in a rough enclosure where they have little privacy.  Many of them  miss school due to malaria and other serious illnesses that plague them because of their living conditions.

We are currently working to raise the funds to complete a dormitory that will house 165 girls at the Samburu Secondary school.  This is a vitally needed project.  This dormitory  will literally change the lives of hundreds and hundreds of girls, as they live there through the years.  It will offer them safety, light, water,food, access to books, and a matron that can oversee their wellbeing.  The total cost of this project is just over $100,000 – a small sum to make such a difference for so many girls!

The Lynn Woodbury family of Salt Lake City very generously donated $25,000 in matching funds towards the first half of the Samburu secondary school.  The other $25,000 was donated by countless others, including school children.   It’s construction is well under way and should be complete, housing 80 girls, by the time the Kenya Keys team arrives in May, 2012.

woodbury familyAs with all Kenya Keys projects, the local constituents will be providing 10% of the cost for this project.  Remember that because Keys is an all volunteer organization, every dollar you send will go directly to the project.

 DORM UPDATE:  In October 2011 the first phase (housing 80 girls) of the Samburu Girls Dormitory was officially opened!  It was a grand celebration, with the Provincial Director of Education coming to offer his congratulations.  Girls began moving in.  Excitement ran high.  The construction was superb and will serve the girls of Samburu Secondary School for many years to come.


dorm under contstruction





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