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How You Can Help The Children in Kenya

Kenya Keys is run by volunteers and depends heavily on volunteers. Getting involved can be fun and rewarding. You meet great people, you see that your efforts can make a difference, and you become part of a larger world.
“The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.”
William James

  Tools Schedule a Presentations - Brent and Rinda Hayes are happy to bring their Kenya presentation to your school, classroom, book club, church group – any group, old or young that is interested in learning about the problems facing rural Africa and the cycle of poverty. Setting up an African village, with everything from the balls the children make to the little stoves the women cook on, you will get to experience first hand what life is like in rural Africa. Videos, slides and music bring it all to life. The presentations are informative and fun. If you see these children in action, you’ll want to get involved!

You can help by hosting or scheduling a presentation. contact
Spearhead a fundraiser - It’s amazing what one motivated person can accomplish! Do you have a desire to do something meaningful that could change someone’s life? Do it! Make it happen! Rally friends, neighbors and family to come together in a common cause! You can make it fun and meaningful. We welcome your support and provide you with ideas and materials. Look at what happened when a young man with Down’s syndrome was able to accomplish when he rallied the resource students of Grant high school, Portland Oregon.



Sponsor a Student or a Project - Get involved with a specific student or project. There are so many different ways you can build a personal bridge across the world through Kenya Keys! Watch a young student grow through the sponsorship program. Share in the joy of knowing that your student will have opportunities they never would have had without you. See what project excites you, and join with us to make that project become part of your life. You’ll see why people that get involved with Koins stay involved.  If you want to explore this way of helping, please email us at We would love to hear from you.


Become an Intern in the field - Because Kenya Keys – Samburu operates in the rural part of Kenya, living conditions there can be very rigorous, but the experience of living and working among the people can be fascinating as well as life changing. Kenya Keys interns pay all their own expenses and are required to focus on an area of research. Students in many fields find an amazing opportunity to interact with and study a community that is complex, generous and welcoming. Internship spots are very limited. Hear what some of our interns have to say: Aly, Brennen, Lauren, Ry or Josh.  Please direct internship inquiries to:

Donate - all donations are greatly appreciated and since we are a 100% volunteer organization your entire donation goes to the cause you designate. Nothing is held back salaries. Please visit our Donation page .


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