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Kenya Keys October 2013 In-Country Visit - Intern Team 2013

Team 2013 Heads to Kenya!

It is with great excitement that the Kenya Keys team prepares to leave on October 7th!   The post-election security issues that cancelled the May trip have been resolved, and Team 2013 is eager and ready to go. Meet them all, click here.


The main focus of this trip is hosting a Girl Rising conference for 300 Kenyan girls at Taru High School. The team is loaded with talented, enthusiastic, accomplished women.  They will be joining the Kenyan leadership team of girls and women in organizing a series of ground-breaking girl empowerment activities.


The highly talented duo of Brent Hayes and Tim Chandler will focus their minds and experience on leadership and scholarship with the young men.  They will also be evaluating the management procedures of Kenya Keys' sponsorship program and project oversight.  They will also be meeting with the Kenyan board of directors.  In the end they hope to streamline the efforts of all our Kenyan volunteers and stakeholders.




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